aaand finished! pretty happy with how she turned out. her name is Flea! i like her scarf. reblog her bc it gives her strength. ty <3

now with added color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lines for my drawing of my new dnd character! she is a raccoon thief thing. i dunno. i feel like a furry. oh well.

my friends and i play payday and wear panda, dog, and goat masks

we are the zoo crew


im unhappy with this but its finished so whatever

i decided on purple and green bc complimentary colors are cool 

a bust of red from transistor

great game

go play it

wip of a drawing

i actually like this for the most part!!! that doesnt happen very often!!!!!

red from transistor, great game, go buy it for reals its amazing.

-makes a fart noise-

-makes a fart noise-

omFG LOVI YOU’RE SO CUTE *hugs hugs hugs* <333